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We deliver in-house classroom learning that align with your bank’s strategic business and learning objectives.


We’ve made it possible for Candidates to study online in their own time. E-learning is:

  • on demand and Candidates have 12 months to pass the exam from the registration date.
  • empowering your employees to build a study timetable around their work schedule.
  • supported with technical advice and guidance from members of our International Support Team for the duration the programme.
Blended learning

We work with you to tailor a classroom learning component that complements the standard e-learning curriculum by:

  • aligning the competency framework with your bank’s business and learning objectives.
  • identifying the most appropriate level of the curriculum for your target group.
  • coordinating with and complementing existing training initiatives to avoid duplication.
  • striving for execution efficiency within chosen blend of learning.
  • providing a feedback mechanism on results.