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2018 International Retail Banking - Fintech Forum - CHINA

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Fintech in China has been developing at a rapid pace, especially in the third party payments market. The mix of rapid urbanisation, regulatory developments, a massive and underserved SME market, escalating e-commerce growth, Big Data from a huge population, and an explosion in online and mobile penetration, have created a fertile ground for innovation in commerce, banking and financial services.


We all know that AI is leading the next industrial revolution, and some Western banks are pioneers in using AI to optimise banking service and CX. From an international perspective the earth is flat: we are looking forward to a splendid sparkle when the West meets the East.


The 2018 International Retail Banking-Fintech Forum will bring together experts from leading companies across the industry to share their expertise and experience.

Conference topics will include:

  • Open banking & open API economy: to build an ecosystem to fertilise collaboration between banks and fintech firms.
  • Artificial intelligence: the adoption of state-of-art AI technology in banking and fintech firms.
  • Big Data, risk control and marketing strategies: to capitalise on big data in risk control, sales and marketing, and other operations.
  • Customer experience: the use of technology to optimise cross channel operation, customer journey and CX.


The 2018 International Retail Banking-Fintech Forum — supported by FIDS office of Guangdong* — will gather C-level executives from Tencent, China's Big Four banks and leading fintech companies worldwide. It will present an excellent opportunity to bridge the West and East; a landmark for future cross-border collaboration between banks and fintech companies.


For more information, please email

(*Financial Industry Development and Service Office of Guangdong Province)<img title="China Conference 2018".

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