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Accelerated route to retail banking qualification

RBA focus logoAccording to global statistics specialists, Statista, the number of staff employed worldwide by United Kingdom banks reached more than 467,000 in 2014.

By comparison, the corresponding figure for only two of the top United States banks – JP Morgan Chase Bank and Wells Fargo – is more than 500,000 and this does not take into account numerous other U.S banks that have global operations.

In theory, and by extrapolating those statistics across all banks worldwide, there should be hundreds of thousands of employees who are managers or senior bankers. Subsequently, it follows  that a high percentage of these managers will be retail banking professionals interested in an accelerated path to becoming a Certified Retail Banker.

“Accelerated Programmes are the new way for experienced retail bankers to fast-track their journey to becoming certified,” said Retail Banking Academy CEO, Evelyn Hunter-Jordan. “There are thousands of retail bankers across the world who are eligible for our Accelerated Programmes and might not know it.”

Two retail bankers, a woman and a man, standing side by side and smiling in to the camera“Instead of starting with Retail Banking I, bankers with more than 10 years’ experience, including three in a management position, need only pass the Business Ethics and Compliance module in RB I, and then study and take exams in Retail Banking II and III,” she explained.

“In order to qualify for the RB I exemption, candidates must provide a CV signed and verified by their human resources department.”

The programmes are designed for experienced retail bankers who have earned an exemption and will appreciate the associated study-time savings.

“We introduced this concept because we recognise that hands-on sector experience is an important part of what a retail banker can bring to a qualification such as ours,” Hunter-Jordan said. “Receiving an exemption from all of the Retail Banking I modules bar one, is a significant time saving as well.”

“The Academy is dedicated to making the Certified Retail Banker qualification the recognised standard for retail banking worldwide, and giving candidates who qualify, the opportunity to accelerate that achievement is only a good thing. Our success relies on senior retail bankers to bring that experience with them and also inspire others to support a standard that promotes retail banking as an internationally recognised profesion.”

The Accelerated Programme for Senior Retail Bankers caters for those who have been in the retail banking business for 15 years or more.

“Our Awarding Body recently approved the qualifying criteria for an accelerated programme designed for senior retail bankers,” Hunter-Jordan explained. “Retail bankers with 15 years’ experience, of which 10 years have been in a management role or as a retail banking specialist in a senior position, will qualify for an exemption from RB I and II exams, but again must pass the RB I Business Ethics and Compliance module.”

A third programme, named the Pinnacle Programme, provides a means for banks to support their senior management teams in becoming elite retail banking professionals.

“The Pinnacle Programme is targeted at those who qualify for the accelerated programme for senior retail bankers and offers savings on fees for multiple enrolments,” she outlined.

According to Hunter-Jordan, the beauty of the Pinnacle Programme is that it provides an avenue for banks to show that all or most of their senior bankers are certified banking professionals, which can earn the bank a unique status and gain a competitive advantage.

“Since 2011 our certification strategy has evolved to meet the needs of our candidates and these new accelerated programmes are an example of our dedication to professionalising the retail banking sector on a global scale,” Hunter-Jordan closed.

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