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Curriculum quality shines through

RBA focus logoLike the sun shining through the clouds on a rainy day or the crèma rising to the top of your morning coffee, there’s a similar anticipation embarking on a new educational course.

Sometimes, the course you choose is like the rain that incessantly pours and you end up drowning in a puddle of questions rather than basking in a ray of answers. Other courses can lead to disillusionment, because what was delivered was not what was promised.

No such disappointment for Amer Javed, Head of Finance at Canada’s Tangerine Bank and a recent graduate of the Retail Banking Academy’s Retail Banking I programme, who rated the quality of our course as first-class.

“It is the best course I have ever taken,” Javed stated. “And I have taken a lot of courses.”

Amer Javed, Head of Finance at Tangerine Bank, CanadaJaved, a senior manager with ten years’ experience as a member of Tangerine Bank executive team, found the insights on best practices provided throughout the course were particularly useful in his role managing 40 people.

“Given my executive team role in overlooking the day-to-day operations of the entire bank, my motivation to take Retail Banking I was to get an overview of the typical workings, challenges and key performance indicators of other non-finance based functional areas of the bank,” Javed said.

“The course was very informative and very relevant to my  day-to-day  responsibilities at Tangerine. The content is delivered in very straightforward and easy to understand language,” he said.

“The real life examples provide insights into the workings of other institutions.”

On his way to a well-deserved distinction, Javed enjoyed the self-study mode offered by the programme and  relished  creating his own study regime, an example easily implementable by any other candidates studying our Retail Banking or Cards and Payments programmes.

“I used the course book and the summary slides provided by Retail Banking Academy… I studied only on weekends in 10-hour blocks,” Javed said.

Quote from Amer Javed, Tangerine Bank, in a green call out box

“I found it took about 10 hours to complete a module. So I would complete one module from start to finish in each study session.

“At the end, I kept two days to review the entire course content and summarised the programme on a legal sheet, highlighting how the content from the various modules interconnected.

“In the final two days, I also did all the practice exam questions from the RBA website.”

Having a positive experience during the learning process of the course is unquestionably a pleasing  outcome  for the Retail Banking Academy, but what we also want is for our candidates to reap the rewards and benefits of such a professional commitment. After completing RB I in April, it is still early days for Javed, but the signs are positive.

"The course has been very beneficial to me as it now provides me with a good background on functional areas of the bank, beyond my area of responsibility – Finance,” he said.

“As a member of the bank’s executive team, this has helped me to better appreciate some of the challenges that the bank is facing, as well as participating and voicing my ideas with confidence on topics  that have previously been beyond the area of my functional expertise.”

A second quote from Amer Javed, Tangerine Bank in a call out box that's coloured green

Certifying retail bankers worldwide remains at the core of what the Retail Banking Academy stands for, as this is the only way retail banking can become a recognised and respected profession, like accounting, law and medicine.

Our Certified Retail Banker programme is the only international qualification that has been designed by professional retail bankers, who provide a comprehensive body of industry knowledge. The programme  is delivered by a faculty that adheres to unparalleled international best practices and utilises practical methods to continuously test the candidate’s knowledge. Furthermore, the programme is overseen and strictly assessed by an academic governing body and is independently accredited.

According to Javed, if you are working at a retail bank, then you too would be happy with the choice to put your career first and gain a competitive edge over your colleagues.

“This course should be a must-do for anyone working at a retail bank– no ifs, no buts,” he said.

“I can’t wait to get started on the level two course.”

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