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Stefan Kaminsky, author of Real Banks for Real People, was amazingly prescient some 25 years ago.


The British banks’ decision to establish an independent board to improve standards in UK banking is attracting a great deal of support from across the financial and business community. Virtually all of the 150-odd responses to Sir Richard Lambert’s October 2013 consultation paper are positive in tone and some of the most ambitious and thoughtful come from the very banks that have been the subject of most criticism in recent years.

To read Michael Lafferty's full RBA blog post, An Independent Board for Banking Standards, please click here.


My working career has now spanned twenty-five years.  For most of my career, I have been in banking but also did a stretch of around six years in management consulting.  During my banking career, I have mostly been on the business side of the organisation.  However, for the past few years, most of my efforts have been dedicated to Operational Excellence (OE) or Lean, as some call it.


Robert Higuera, vice chairman of the board of directors and chairman of the audit committee at Banco Popular Español, spoke at the RBA London Executive Management Programme on the subject of values-based retail banking.


The Irish Times recently published an interview with Michael Lafferty, executive chairman of the Retail Banking Academy.


On 19 February 2014, the Financial Times published a letter from Michael Lafferty, executive chairman of the International Academy of Retail Banking.

To read the full letter, entitled We Believe Retail Banking Should be Ethics-Based, please click here.


On 4 December 2013, the Retail Banking Academy co-chairmen Michael Lafferty and Dick Harryvan discussed the latest...


The Retail Banking Academy will today announce that its Certified International Retail Banker (CRB) qualification has been accredited by the Chartered Banker Institute, the oldest banking institute in the world. This professional qualification also provides a pathway to the Institute’s flagship Chartered Banker programme. Retail bankers worldwide now have their own professional qualification – and it is supported by a unique suite of coursework and e-learning materials that contain a comprehensive body of knowledge developed by leading industry practitioners.


The Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards has published its final report ‘Changing banking for good’. It outlines the radical reform required to improve standards across the banking industry. In 2012 the commission accepted evidence from a number of participants operating in the banking sector and has now included selected submissions in its published findings.. 

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