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Not only is BancABC leading the way in Africa, by certifying hundreds of their retail bank employees, but they are producing groups of candidates with magnificent results.

The Deloitte talent in banking survey brings to light some interesting points. It identifies what is increasingly expected by business students pursuing a career in banking, while debunking a few popular myths at the same time.
Read Evelyn Hunter-Jordan's introductory letter published in June 2015's RBA Focus.

We're pleased to announce three exemption programmes designed to help senior retail bankers qualify at Certified Retail Banker level in a shorter time period.


Retail Banking Academy was recently unanimously voted in to be an associate member of The European Banking and Financial Services Training Association.

This issue covers the latest insights on the current trends affecting Retail Banking, as well as a look at how we’re changing the landscape of retail banking education across the world.

In a first of many blog posts, our CEO Evelyn Hunter-Jordan enters the debate over whether bank branches are history.


A new professional body for qualified retail bankers launched in London.


Retail Banking Academy is proud to be connected with the unveiling of a historic bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi in London’s Parliament Square.


Join the fascinating and fast-moving world of Cards and Payments

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