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2019 Exam Dates


RBA International has partnered with a leading online exams provider using the most advanced remote invigilation technology. All Candidates will have the flexibility to sit their exams on any computer device with internet connectivity, located anywhere in the world.

RBA International will deliver four scheduled exam sessions throughout the year on the dates shown below.

We schedule exam sessions so that our Awarding Organisation can systematically analyse results and ensure that we deliver examinations to the highest standards.




Session I                       

Monday, 24 February

Friday, 28 February

Saturday, 29 February

Thursday, 5 March

Friday, 6 March


Session II                       

Monday, 8 June

Wednesday, 10 June

Saturday, 13 June

Tuesday, 16 June

Thursday, 18 June


Session III                       

Wednesday, 2 September

Thursday, 3 September

Saturday, 5 September

Monday, 7 September

Wednesday, 9 September


Session IV                       

Monday, 23 November

Thursday, 26 November

Saturday, 28 November

Tuesday, 1 December

Wednesday, 2 December